Annual planner, journal, and success tracker (specifically for creative entrepreneurs)…UNDATED!

Flat lay of the Annual Undated Celebrate Your Wins Planner for Creative Entrepreneurs

Planner, Journal, and Success Tracker for Creative Entrepreneurs

  • Undated annual planner with monthly and weekly pages
  • S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting planner
  • Journal and reflections to drive success and intention
  • Reduce burnout with a focus on a positive mindset
  • 211-page PDF download (8.5″ x 11″)

Get ready to track your progress, learn from your wins, and focus on what’s working for your creative business!

“no success is too small to celebrate.”

This UNDATED annual planner is for…

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Creative entrepreneurs.

A creative entrepreneur is someone who focuses on promoting creative or intellectual capital (either their own or someone else’s) for income.

Photographers. Videographers. Painters. Handmade e-commerce-ers. DIYers. Gardeners. Musicians. Potters. Trainers. YouTubers. Graphic Designers. Crafters. Freelance writers. Clothing designers. Florists. Hatters. Bloggers. Illustrators. Life coaches. Directors. Entertainers.

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‘Aiming-to-be’ creative entrepreneurs.

Is your business idea still a dream that is trapped inside that gloriously creative head of yours?

This planner/journal/tracker will help you unlock that vision and turn it into a reality this year. Discover what is keeping you from jumping into the world of entrepreneurship and how to get going (even with an already busy schedule on your hands).

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‘Seasoned’ creative entrepreneurs.

Are you already rocking the business world?

This planner will keep you reflecting during your journey so that you can continue to grow in ways you never imagined. As you well know, an entrepreneur’s work is never really complete.

Bonus points to you for the included community so you can promote your business and network with other creatives to your heart’s content.

Large Spread of all pages in the Celebrate Your Wins Planner for Creative Entrepreneurs

Success is a journey, not a destination.

If you’re like most creative business owners, you’re constantly plowing through to achieve your next big, shiny goal.

It’s time to take a short breather and give your smaller accomplishments the credit they’re (way) overdue.

The ones that might seem insignificant at the time, but are actually milestones in your journey to success.

The ones that, if given just a moment to be recognized, could help to increase your overall focus and resilience.

This Annual Planner/Journal/Success Tracker is designed to help you plan with intention, reflect on what’s working, and celebrate those small wins to reduce burnout and stay motivated (all using science-backed strategies).

  • Discover how you work the best and what you need from your workspace and community in order to be successful.
  • Set intentional goals for the year based on your long-term vision and discovery questions.
  • Break down your large annual goals into smaller, manageable steps.
  • Track progress, successes, and learning moments routinely.
  • Celebrate your small wins to stay motivated (and avoid burnout).
  • Complete the weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reflection questions for continued growth.

“everything i need to be successful is available to me.”

A Look Inside THE Planner for Creative Entrepreneurs:

A Focus on the Journey.

This annual planner puts a focus on staying present in order to make better business decisions and reduce overwhelm.

A focus on realizing that obstacles are an opportunity to grow stronger and part of the journey.

By keeping this lens, you are better able to see the value in all the steps required in building your business (and to actively love the process!).

Page spread from the 2023 Planner for Creative Entrepreneurs showing the explanation of an enso circle and how it relates to the business journey.
Page spread from the 2023 Annual Planner for Creative Entrepreneurs showing the science behind celebrating and examples of small wins.

The Science of Celebrating.

Taking the time and effort to celebrate small wins (not just the big projects and goals) is essential to a creative entrepreneur’s tool kit.

Backed in scientific research, celebrating these small wins increases motivation, focus, and business longevity.

List the ‘small wins’ that are relevant to your industry, personally inspiring celebration ideas, and actively track successes daily, monthly, and annually in this undated planner.

The Science of Positive Affirmations.

Also backed by scientific research, the consistent practice of self-affirming activities helps individuals to become more confident in their abilities overall (pretty important for an entrepreneur, wouldn’t you say?).

The Celebrate Your Wins planner puts positive affirmations front-and-center on monthly and weekly pages …even in bubble letters that you’re encouraged to color in!

Page spread from the 2023 Annual Planner/Journal/Success Tracker for Creative Entrepreneurs showing the science of positive affirmations.
Page spread from the 2023 Creative Entrepreneur Planner showing an overview of the success questions provided at the beginning to help discover priorities.

Set Yourself Up For Success.

When was the last time you stopped to ask yourself how you work best and what you need from your surroundings to succeed?

In the seven pages of discovery journal pages included in this planner, you’ll uncover key details about your community, workspace, time management, mindset, and vision to set yourself up for an intentionally successful year.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals.

Learn how to take your annual vision and supercharge it by transforming it into a S.M.A.R.T. goal (which you’ll be walked through, step-by-step).

This time-centric approach makes achieving your vision so much easier by getting incredibly specific about details so that your goal can be broken down and tracked (which leads to more mini-celebrations throughout the year!).

Page spread showing the explanation of S.M.A.R.T. goals in the 2023 planner for creative entrepreneurs.
Annual Overview pages in the Creative Entrepreneur Annual Planner

Annual High-Level Overview.

Next, we’ll map out the foundation of your year by breaking your annual S.M.A.R.T. goal down into quarterly and monthly goals.

With these miniature goals and the discovery journal questions in hand, you’ll be able to confidently time-block your day for the best focus and productivity.

Monthly Pages.

The monthly pages in the undated annual planner bring all of this preparation together with a:

  • Monthly calendar overview
  • Monthly checklist
  • Monthly goals
  • Monthly action steps
  • Monthly rewards/celebrations
  • Areas for notes and further brainstorming
Undated monthly pages in the Celebrate Your Wins Entrepreneur Planner
Undated weekly pages in the Creative Entrepreneur Annual Planner

Weekly Pages.

Each weekly page spread puts a focus on your intentional planning and mindset:

  • Weekly preparation questions
  • Monthly and weekly goal sections
  • Daily priorities and wins
  • Positive affirmation
  • Productivity check
  • Looking back reflection questions

Reflection Pages.

An essential part of growth is taking a moment to really understand what is working and what needs tweaking.

Dive deeper into your daily experience and how it translates into future success with monthly reflections and longer quarterly journal entries with activities.

The annual achievements and learning pages allow you to see all of your spotlight moments in one place for easy visual reference.

Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Reflection Journal Questions in the Annual Planner for Creatives

“i will transform obstacles into opportunities with grace and creativity.”

From one creative to another…

I’m Christine Glaser, and I am a certified aromatherapist, essential oil specialist, organic skin care maker, and an e-commerce business coach.

Much more relevant than all that, I am a creative entrepreneur like you and have had other titles in my past such as painter, photographer, visual arts and language arts teacher, mixed media artist, papermarker, and more.

Your creative soul and mine would have a great time grabbing a cup of coffee and chatting about the process of turning our passions into thriving businesses.

And that would be fabulous, because the entrepreneurship train is better when you have a community around you that understands the unique nature of our ‘Type-A-but-also-Type-B’ brains.

Until we get that opportunity, I’m thrilled to offer you the tools in this planner/journal/success tracker to help you navigate through your journey and keep that mindset inspired.

Get ready for a year of self-discovery, business growth, and building a balanced life based on intention!

Christine Glaser, C.A. Owner of DIY Skin Care Business

“i am free to create my ideal reality for the future.”

Here’s everything you’re about to receive:

  • UNDATED Annual Planner with Weekly and Monthly Pages
  • 7 pages of Set Yourself Up For Success Journaling Pages
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goal-setting planner
  • Annual High-Level Overview
  • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly eflections to drive intention and success
  • Reduce burnout with a focus on a positive mindset
  • 211-page PDF download (8.5″ x 11″)

Get ready to celebrate!

Celebrate Your Wins Annual Planner for Creative Entrepreneurs, Undated