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  • Eczema Salve Recipe for handmade skincare businessesThe all-natural eczema salve recipe includes list of supplies, ingredients, yield, and resource links.

    Eczema Salve Recipe PDF (100% Natural)


    A thick, topical salve recipe formulated to provide relief for eczema symptoms, such as inflammation, redness, and itching. An all-natural blend made with soothing butters, lipid oils, and healing essential oils at a 2% dilution rate (safe for long-term use as a spot treatment). More downloadables that pair perfectly with this recipe: Cold Process Soap…

  • Acne Scarring Salve Recipe PDFPreview of the acne scar salve recipe PDF

    Acne Scarring Salve Recipe PDF (100% Natural)


    This moisturizing, rich salve recipe is formulated to encourage cell regeneration for skin irregularities due to past acne breakouts, created only with nurturing carrier oils and healing essential oils. More downloadables that pair perfectly with this recipe: Adult Acne Face Serum Recipe PDF Under-Eye Salve Recipe PDF Small-Batch Grid Round Label Template PDF Other helpful…