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  • Ultimate Instagram Hashtag Pack for Skin Care Businesses

    652 Skincare Business Instagram Hashtags Bundle PDF


    652 Skincare Business Instagram Hashtags, researched for handmade shops to increase online VISIBILITY and GROWTH. Popular Skin Care Hashtags: Using highly popular hashtags such as #soap (8M+ posts) or #lipbalm (2M+ posts) do NOTHING for your account – and are a waste of an opportunity to get eyes on your skin care products and business….

  • Handmade skin care social media calendar

    DIY Skin Care Social Media Calendar for Handmade Businesses (Google Sheets and PDF)


    This social media calendar is intended for handmade skin care businesses that personally make natural, small-batch products to sell online. Introducing the EVERGREEN social media calendar – written specifically for handmade skin care businesses – undated, prompt-heavy, with lifetime access…which means you can use it YEAR after YEAR after YEAR to fill your favorite social…

  • Annual goal setting funnel for entrepreneurs

    Annual Goal Setting High-Level Overview PDF


    A printable annual goal planning funnel – an easy tool to help you break your yearly focus down into quarterly, monthly, and daily tasks. The perfect way to see your large, long-term goals and projects from a distance to more efficiently designate deadlines and accountability to your business. Note: This Goal Setting Funnel is included…

  • Ecommerce business growth tracker

    Business Growth Tracker PDF (for E-commerce Businesses)


    A printable business growth tracker specifically for e-commerce handmade businesses that use online marketing to drive traffic to their shops. An easy one-page tool to track your audience and sales numbers on a month-to-month basis for a birds-eye view of where you’re GROWING so you know how to best prioritize your time! Note: This Growth…

  • Content Planner Template for Skin Care Businesses

    Content Planner Template (Google Sheets Workbook)


    An EVERGREEN content planning tool for handmade skincare businesses, accessible via Google Sheets (evergreen to us means that you purchase this one time and you have access for life)! This digital template is an easy-to-use ‘system’ to help you visually plan your product launches, online marketing (email/posts/pins), and keep track of your business growth through…