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  • Business Branding Ebook and Workbook for Handmade SkincareChapters included in the Skin Care Business Branding Ebook and Workbook

    DIY Handmade Skin Care Business Branding Guide (Google Sheets & PDF)


    A zero-fluff business branding guide to get your handmade skincare line ready to launch on any e-commerce site or marketplace, complete with essential skincare business topics! This transformational 157-page PDF download full of detailed visuals and tutorials includes 20 printable worksheets to help you build your business as you navigate through the guide, filled with…

  • Choosing Font Pairings for your Skin Care Business PDFEbook portion of the Choosing Your Font Pairings Guide

    Font Guide for Skin Care Businesses Ebook and Workbook


    When choosing a font pairing for your skin care business branding, the ultimate goal is brand recognition across all platforms. And as skin care makers, our font choices have to look good on a computer screen AND product labels. Finding that ‘WOW’ combo is easier said than done! This ebook walks you through the basics…

  • Target Market Ebook and Workbook for Skin Care BusinessesEbook portion of the Target Market Planner for Skin Care Businesses

    Target Market Planner Ebook and Workbook


    There’s no doubt that if anyone tried your skin care products, they would love them! But…if you try to sell to everyone…you will sell to NO ONE. By thinking about the tiny details of your customers’ personalities, your audience will say, “Holy cow, it seems like (*enter amazing skin care product here*) was literally made…