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  • Target Market Ebook and Workbook for Skin Care BusinessesEbook portion of the Target Market Planner for Skin Care Businesses

    Target Market Planner Ebook and Workbook


    There’s no doubt that if anyone tried your skin care products, they would love them! But…if you try to sell to everyone…you will sell to NO ONE. By thinking about the tiny details of your customers’ personalities, your audience will say, “Holy cow, it seems like (*enter amazing skin care product here*) was literally made…

  • Market Research for Handmade Skin Care BusinessesEbook portion of the Market Research Guide for Handmade Skin Care Businesses

    Handmade Skincare Market Research Ebook and Workbook


    Is your skin care product line full of products that YOU want to make…or products that your target audience actually WANTS? This ebook walks you through how to look at your skin care business (or the ideas that are in your head for those of you just starting out) and decide which products to keep…