DIY Handmade Skin Care Business Branding Guide (Google Sheets & PDF)

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A zero-fluff business branding guide to get your handmade skincare line ready to launch on any e-commerce site or marketplace, complete with essential skincare business topics!

This transformational 157-page PDF download full of detailed visuals and tutorials includes 20 printable worksheets to help you build your business as you navigate through the guide, filled with completed examples for direction and inspiration.

Your purchase includes an editable Google Workbook, complete with guided activities, real-life examples, and incredibly handy links so that you can keep ALL of your business planning in one convenient file that is accessible anywhere!

Chapter 1: A Fresh Look at Branding

  • Specify the goals and mission of your skin care business.
  • Brainstorm details that will help to communicate your values in the background and foreground of your business.
  • Commit to a time-block schedule to stay consistent on your business-building journey.

Chapter 2: Choosing Your Target Market

  • Decide on your ideal audience.
  • Pinpoint demographics, psychographics, and details that will provide a true connection to your product line.
  • Create a customer avatar to bring your target market to life.

Chapter 3: Creating a Converting Product List

  • Narrow down your product list to fit your target market’s needs.
  • Learn how to do basic market research on Etsy and Google.
  • Validate your product line ideas with Google Trends.

Chapter 4: Naming Your Business for Longevity
Choose a business name and tagline that:

  • Speaks to your customer avatar.
  • Communicates your mission & values.
  • Will stand the test of time.

Chapter 5: A Purposeful Color Palette
Learn the basics of Color Theory and Color Psychology in marketing.

  • Intentionally uncover your dominant color
  • Color scheme
  • Font color, and
  • Button color for all branded materials and sites.

Chapter 6: Flexible Font Pairings
Decide on a font pairing that works well online AND on products labels with the following top of mind:

  • Mission and target market
  • Legibility
  • Design flexibility

Chapter 7: Your Brand and Copy ‘Voice’
Develop consistent words and phrasing that you’ll use in your:

  • Product names
  • Product descriptions
  • Social media posts
  • Customer communications

Chapter 8: Essential Visual Elements

  • Capture a branded profile picture that is approachable and trustworthy.
  • Create a favicon and logo that are recognizable and adaptable to any size.
  • Design a website banner that welcomes your customer and communicates your brand mission.

Chapter 9: Branded Packaging and Labels

  • Choose product packaging that will speak to your customer avatar.
  • Learn general label inclusions and rules about making therapeutic claims.
  • Decide on your various labeling options: design, material, and printing.

Chapter 10: A Memorable Unboxing Experience

  • Shipping Containers
  • Exterior and interior package ‘flair’
  • Everyday vs. gift presentation.

Chapter 11: Clickable Product Photography

  • Tips, tricks, and behind-the-scenes glimpses to make your photo sessions efficient and EFFECTIVE.
  • Experienced advice about backgrounds, props, camera position, and lighting.
  • List of recommended shots to include in every product listing.

Chapter 12: Website Page Outlines
Get tried-and-true pointers on the four website sections every e-commerce site MUST have:

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Sales pages (product listings & descriptions)
  • FAQs/Policies

Chapter 13: Professional Customer Service

  • Real-life examples of top customer inquiries, requests, and feedback.
  • Craft branded responses in advance so that you are timely, professional, and consistent.
  • Insight on the importance of customer reviews and how to use them as a tool.

Chapter 14: Choosing Your E-commerce Platform

  • Learn the differences between the top two e-commerce platforms for handmade skin care makers.
  • Decide which platform is the best for you and your future business goals.

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  1. T

    I’ve been in business over 35 years and I have gleaned information in this book – quite a bit – that I have never learned…and I research. A lot. And have hired MULTIPLE professionals. This is AMAZING information and a LOT of it. It is worth 10 times the cost. Or more.

  2. A

    I purchased Christine’s Branding Guide and Social Media Calendar. Both were extremely comprehensive and well worth the purchase. The branding guide helped me identify who my company was, how to choose colors for my brand, and define what my brand and niche are. The social media calendar is a must-have! It contains everything you need to be able to create and manage your social media posting schedule. It comes with suggestions, skin care-related holidays, and a rotation for when to post certain things. Thank you!

  3. KP

    Wow! I have done so many classes, joined so many groups, paid so much money but nothing comes close to this! It’s concise, to the point, covers everything step by step, and is a MUST HAVE guide. I wish I had this when I started my business…above and beyond what I have come across in most courses.

  4. SG

    Wow wow wow…absolute gold dust. This is what I needed when I started my journey all those years ago!! The entire ebook is a blueprint for launching a skincare business. A must for anyone who wants to run an artisan skin care line.

  5. V

    Easy to follow & comprehensive Guide+Workbook to get started on your own Business, saves a lot of time and is worth every penny spent. I would definitely recommend.

  6. O

    After countless cups of coffee and hours spend on the internet, searching but not finding, finally here is the answer to all my questions regarding Skincare Branding! Easy-to-follow e-Book and workbook include all the aspects I could think of, from finding the right name to choosing the right e-Commerce platform. All topics are well researched and provide tons of useful information. I wish I found this Business Branding Guide sooner. Life saver and worth every penny spent.

  7. A

    Looooove this!!!

  8. A


  9. K

    Very helpful and informative! Lots of good info from someone who knows the business well. Goes into detail and very thorough in how to brand ones business. Very much recommend.

  10. B

    Love it.

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DIY Handmade Skin Care Business Branding Guide (Google Sheets & PDF) DIY Handmade Skin Care Business Branding Guide (Google Sheets & PDF)
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