Make skincare products from home to sell online (without a certification!)

Natural Skin Care Recipe Ebook Flatlay

Natural Skin Care Recipe Book for Your Handmade Business

Simple Recipes with a BIG Return!

Get instant access, including:

  • 50 Retail-Ready Recipes
  • 100% Synthetic Chemical-Free, Waterless Formulas
  • Expert Science-Backed Formulations
  • Next-to-Nothing Costs for Supplies and Equipment
  • Education and Research to Give You Credibility
  • 133-page PDF Download (8.5″ x 11″)

Get ready to create a successful business from the comfort of your own home.

“The best I have found.”

“I am starting a skincare business that my daughter and I can run together. The instructions and recipes in this ebook were amazing. The best I have found. Christine knows her stuff. We’re hoping to start selling at a local farmer’s market in South Florida. It was especially helpful to have details about the essential oils used and when not to use certain products in your lip balm. I would highly recommend this ebook to anyone serious about jumping into a holistic skincare business focused on healthy and pure ingredients. Thank you for helping us avoid saying the wrong things about our products and guiding us through the steps to starting a successful business.”
Gypzees Lip Balm

Looking to jump into the world of natural skincare entrepreneurship but feeling overwhelmed?

You’re in the right spot!

This Natural Skincare Recipe Book guides you through the process of creating your own products (with sales in mind) from your own kitchen.

  • You don’t need any fancy certifications or expensive equipment to get started – these skin care recipes are simple and only require a few ingredients that can be easily sourced.
  • Our waterless formulas don’t need preservatives, so you can feel good about offering your customers chemical-free products that are focused on overall wellness.
  • Best of all, you can create your natural products on a part-time basis, making it easy to fit into a busy lifestyle.

Provides more than just recipes. It is a must-buy!

“Christine provides a ton of information in the Natural Skin Care recipe book. My favorite part of this ebook was the shelf life information and how it’s important to provide this information to your customers. I also love that she explains how chemicals and our immune systems interact.  This ebook provides more than just recipes. It is a must-buy!”
Latina Jackson
Avier Co.
Natural Skin Care Recipe Ebook Flatlay

Your key to a successful, profitable handmade skincare business (from HOME)

No certification required.

Some of the most well-known skin care certifications take hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to enroll and months (if not years) to complete.

Is this actually necessary to build a successful business? Absolutely not.

The retail-ready recipes in this ebook are all you need to start your home-based business literally today. No waiting for open enrollment. No waiting for new classes to launch. No waiting for someone to tell you that you’ve ‘passed’.

Simply decide which of the tried-and-true products in the recipe book you’d like to create to sell. And then do it. Today.

Start your natural skin care business today.
Simple equipment and simple ingredients for all the recipes in the Natural Skin Care Recipe Book

Simple equipment, simple ingredients.

All of the skin care products in this natural recipe book can be made in your kitchen with common supplies such as stainless steel bowls and glass ramekins.

We also keep the ingredient list simple so that they can be cross-purposed amongst several skin care recipes.

But don’t confuse simple ingredients with simple products.

These science-backed recipes have been expertly formulated by a certified aromatherapist and result in effective, customer-retaining products.

Chemical-Free, Waterless Formulas

Every recipe in this ebook is anhydrous (def: containing no water), which means zero synthetic preservatives are needed.

No need for pH strips. No need for emulsifiers.

Feel good about offering your customers 100% natural products that are focused on boosting the immune system and overall wellness.

Chemical free, natural skin care products made without water.
Build your skin care business on a part-time schedule.

Part-Time Status Approved.

Worried that ‘starting a business’ means quitting your job and going all-in?

Pump the breaks.

The low investment costs described above mean that you don’t have to hurry to cover any extensive debt you would’ve incurred through a certification program.

Take this one step at a time. Many-a-business has started on just the (ridiculously amazing) lip balm recipe alone. Grow your business at a pace that works with your busy schedule (full-timers and parents, I’m talking to you).

“Everything a person needs to hit the ground running.”

“Wow, I was totally blown away by this eBook. The amount of information included is everything a person needs to hit the ground running. She even details the exact measurement for each formula, and the supplies needed for each product, with links to the supplier! The layout was easy to follow and well written in easy-to-understand steps. The author definitely took her time to provide a quality eBook and the price was more than reasonable. The content is worth every penny and more.”
Candra Griffin
The Herb’n Lounge

“Great recipes.”

“This ebook opened my eyes that skin care could be 100% natural and even healing! Great recipes.”
Maria Mollel

Includes 9 Product Categories for a Well-Balanced Skincare Line

(Pro tip: these recipes are easily modified so that they fit the vision of your dream brand!)

Each recipe includes:

  • Business Notes: Description of each product, how to use it, and tips for making it convert well in your own shop.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions: Easy to understand formulations (yes, even for beginners).
  • Ingredient Explanations: The benefits of each natural ingredient and why it was included in the recipe.
  • Recipe Notes & Substitutions: Your own notes page for questions, ideas, and ingredient substitutions to make each recipe unique to your line.
Cold Process Soap Recipes in the natural skin care recipe book

Cold Process Soap Recipes

  • CP Soap is often considered the ‘most natural’ way to make soap with a 6-8 weeks cure time
  • 6 different all-natural soap bar recipes:
    • Gardener’s Soap (exfoliating)
    • Activated Charcoal (detoxifying)
    • Kitchen Soap (odor neutralizing)
    • Moroccan Clay (detoxifying)
    • Fresh Indigo (moisturizing)
    • Shaving Soap (nourishing)

Cuticle Salve Recipe

  • A restorative blend that helps to nourish and heal inflamed cuticles and soften them for easy future maintenance.
  • This can easily be modified to use as a first aid salve or ointment for scrapes, cuts, and other superficial damage (information in the substitutions section)…and…
  • Dare I say it…tattoo aftercare??? (slam dunk idea for you, on the house).
Cuticle salve recipe in the natural skin care recipe book
Facial serums recipes included in the natural skin care recipe book

Facial Serum Recipes

  • Facial serums are all-natural face moisturizers formulated to help hydrate and soften skin texture.
  • 5 blends for a variety of skin types are included:
    • Mature Skin (regenerates and tones)
    • Oily Skin (regulates secretions of hair follicles)
    • Sensitive Skin (soothes irritations and supports regeneration)
    • Dry Skin (nourishes and improves elasticity)
    • Normal Skin (repairs cells and evens skin tone)

Laundry Powder Recipes

  • Highly concentrated dry laundry ‘detergent’ base
  • Includes 6 essential oil scent combinations:
    • Calming (lavender, clary sage, bergamot)
    • Energizing (rosemary, bergamot)
    • Fragrance-Free
    • Peaceful (lavender, sweet orange, rosemary)
    • Rejuvenating (lavender, lemon)
    • Uplifting (orange, grapefruit)
Laundry powder recipe section of the natural skin care recipe book
Mica tinted lip balm recipes in the natural skin care recipe book

Mica-Tinted Lip Balm Recipes

  • Very sheer lip color for the ‘barely-there’ makeup look.
  • 6 shimmery lip balm tint recipes are provided:
    • Colorless shimmer (just sparkle)
    • Pale Pink
    • Fuchsia Pink
    • Tan/Nude
    • Medium Brown
    • Dark Brown

Pregnancy Belly Balm

  • A lotion bar that is applied to stretching, growing skin during pregnancy.
  • Intensely moisturizing lotion bar recipe for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-trimester comfort without essential oils.
  • Note: This same recipe could be modified as a solid lotion bar for other target markets with essential oils added for a variety of natural scents.
Belly Balm Recipe included in the natural skin care recipe book
Under eye salve recipe in the natural skin care recipe book

Under-Eye Salve Recipe

  • A dense blend that helps to reduce dark circles and rejuvenate thin, delicate skin.
  • This is an excellent product to pair with other items in the recipe book for bundles and gift sets.
  • The shea butter base lends this recipe to other intense moisture skincare needs such as eczema or psoriasis salves.

Lip Balm Recipes

  • Beeswax and shea butter base with over 20 subtle essential oil suggestions.
  • This recipe is so popular that an entire skin care business could be built off of this alone.
  • Customer retention with these lip balm blends are huge and results in other sales for your shop.
  • Sell these in every combo you can! Individually, bundles of 2, 3, 6, 10, bulk, custom labels, etc.
organic lip balm recipe available in the skin care recipe book
Warming muscle balm recipe included in the natural skin care recipe book for handmade businesses

Warming Muscle Balm Recipe

  • A spot treatment lotion bar for overworked muscles and achy joints.
  • This arnica-infused balm is also great for menstrual cramping and surface bruises, providing so many marketing possibilities for a variety of audiences.

“Makes amazing products that my customers love!”

I’ve purchased and successfully used all of the skincare resources! It’s so overwhelming when learning to make and sell natural skincare, but these resources are exactly what you need to get started and to keep going!  As my business grows, I often refer back to Branding Business Guide to make sure I’m on the right track.  The hashtag lists are a godsend! Literally takes the guesswork out of what to use on socials.  The recipe book is so easy to follow and makes amazing products that my customers love! And the social media calendar is perfectly easy to follow and use.”
Lolli and Pop Shoppe

Can’t I Just Search for Free DIY Recipes Online?

Let me start off by saying I love Pinterest. I love reading other handmade blogs. I love getting inspo from the quick blends shared on social media Stories.

As skin care makers, these spots are great places for packaging ideas, gathering information on what is trending in our industry, and sharing our own products as a marketing strategy.

However, when you are in the process of learning to create, using online recipes can be tricky waters.

Not everyone that publishes information on Pinterest (or anywhere online!) has the full picture of ingredient shelf life, essential oil dermal limits (and how it can vary depending on where the oils are placed on the body), and what products are okay to make for YOURSELF versus what products are okay to sell to OTHERS.

If you feel comfortable with your own understanding of how to safely create skin care products for retail purposes, I encourage to gather inspiration on the good ‘ole world wide web!

For those of you that are browsing for ideas and just starting out on your journey, make sure that you are getting information from a reputable source and that the individual(s) can provide credentials to support their claims.

Christine Glaser, C.A. Owner of DIY Skin Care Business

Author: Christine Glaser, C.A.

I’m Christine Glaser, and I have been making natural skin care products to sell online and teaching others to do the same since 2012.

I’m a certified aromatherapist, essential oil specialist, and organic skin care maker with over a decade of experience in e-commerce business and coaching.

The recipes in this ebook are the EXACT ONES I used to grow my own handmade skincare business (first while holding a full-time office job, and then later as a stay-at-home mom).

I’m thrilled to offer you my years of experience and education so that we can work together to fill the world with natural, safe products that contribute to overall wellness.

“Helped me redefine specific areas of my business.”

“I love Christine’s products, they have given me great ideas, although I am not doing a full-time business at this time her guidelines have helped me redefine specific areas of my business for future endeavors.”
BeeGirl Organix

Educational Bonuses to Guide Your Journey

This is so much more than a recipe book – this is a compass as you get your footing in the world of wellness and handmade entrepreneurship.

The importance of selling natural skin care products

Bonus 1: The Importance of Making and Selling Natural Products

  • What it means to commit to a 100% natural line
  • Ingredients to avoid in any personal care product
  • The power of making small batches
  • Shelf life tips and common limits
Information on the future of handmade skin care businesses

Bonus 2: Market Growth and the Future of Handmade Skincare Businesses

  • Projected global increases (spoiler alert: SKYROCKETING)
  • Industry metrics (location, demographics, and product types)
  • Opportunities to scale your small business
Section on skin care and wellness research in the natural skin care recipe book

Bonus 3: Natural Skincare Research and Case Studies

  • How synthetic chemicals impact the immune system
  • Essential oils for dermatological use
  • Ingredients for vitality and health
  • Blending with a holistic view in mind
  • Case studies on multi-purpose skin care products

“A perfect guiding resource for me.”

“This book proved to be a perfect guiding resource for me and helped me to move forward with finalizing my initial products.  All the recipes and information that Christine shared are so valuable and helpful. I found everything like an honest contribution to help someone start with confidence. The presentation is nice and friendly. Thanks for inspiring me to start my Aromatherapy gift shop!”

Here’s everything you’re about to receive:

  • 133-page PDF download
  • All-natural, waterless skin care recipes to sell online
  • 9 product categories for a well-rounded skin care line
  • Science-backed formulas written by a certified aromatherapist
  • Business notes, step-by-step instructions, ingredient explanations, and substitution possibilities
  • Natural skin care and wellness background and research
  • Beginning home-based business information and resources
  • Hyperlinked supplies and ingredients for easy access
  • Printable product feedback form
  • Invitation to private community Facebook Group

Start Creating Your Handmade Skin Care Business TODAY!

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Natural Skin Care Recipe Ebook Flatlay