Hey, Christine here!

As a certified aromatherapist,

essential oil specialist,

organic skin care formulator,

& e-commerce coach…

I am on a mission

to help you create a


skin care business.

But this is about so much more than building a successful product line.

This is about how we can work together to make a serious wave in the way that your customers think about their health.

This is about the presentation of a lifestyle that will allow individuals to realize that they can take their overall wellness into their own hands, just by considering the products that they put onto their bodies.

This is about the chance for you as an approachable indie business owner to:

First things first…

If you are new to considering 100% natural ingredients for your skin care line, you need an understanding about how synthetic chemicals result in an overworked immune system.

(don’t be shy, I made it an easy read)…


If more people understood how harmful some of the ingredients are in their personal care products…

…how those ingredients are keeping their bodies from performing the most basic (necessary) functions…

…there’s no doubt they would be more selective about what they (and their family) are using.

We are the bridge.

Amber essential oil bottle surrounded by fresh rosemary and peppermint.

Our most important job as natural skin care makers is to educate our customers about healthier options that support the body.

Empowering our customers with tools to make healthy changes to their skin care opens the door to places where other natural options can be woven into their everyday routines.

Fresh herbs and botanicals sitting inside of glass beakers.

And it’s easy.

Just by choosing to create a skin care product line with 100% natural ingredients and essential oils, you’re spreading awareness and starting a conversation.

On this site, you will find resources to support every step of your business-building journey:

Creating Resources

Ingredient profiles, formulation supplies, all-natural recipes, and other tools to create effective products from home.

Branding Resources

Discover your business target market, color palette, product packaging, and more to build a recognizable brand.

Marketing Resources

Get a handle on online marketing with social media ideas, prompt lists, content calendars and channel-specific tips.

Managing Resources

Tools that clarify pricing your products, choosing a business structure, and organizing everything ‘behind the scenes’.

I have been making skin care products to sell online since 2013 and have worked with Etsy, Shopify, Wix, Pattern, Facebook, Squarespace, a handful of subscription boxes, wholesale markets, and in-person events.

Let’s work to give a REAL VOICE to holistic health and wellness

…all through skin care.

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