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Skin Care Social Media Content Calendar on Tablet

The DIY Skin Care Business Social Media Calendar

Get instant access, including:

  • 68 Skin Care and Beauty Holidays
  • 30 Industry Quotes
  • 208 Reusable Prompts
  • 7 Industry-Specific Categories
  • Lifetime Access
  • Evergreen content to use year after year
  • 80 Page PDF Version
  • Editable Google Sheets Version

Burnt out on coming up with ‘worth-the-effort’ social media content while ALSO juggling the tasks of a DIY skin care business (like…actually making your products, planning your photo shoots, creating your website, ordering ingredients/containers/business cards, keeping up with inventory, etc. etc. etc.)?

This social media calendar is going to be your quick win.

“So easy to follow and use!”

“As a busy mom of 3, I don’t have a lot of time to spend on social media on top of running a skincare business. The Skin Care Social Media Calendar is so easy to follow and use, and I love that it keeps me on track. Christine never disappoints! She is always so well organized and her methods are amazing, and easy to implement. She has a friendly and helpful attitude that makes learning from her a pleasure. Thank you, Christine!”
NPM Skincare

“Contains everything you need to be able to create and manage your social media posting schedule”

“I purchased Christine’s Branding Guide and Social Media Calendar. Both were extremely comprehensive and well worth the purchase. The social media calendar is a must-have! It contains everything you need to be able to create and manage your social media posting schedule. It comes with suggestions, skin care related holidays, and a rotation for when to post certain things. Thank you!”
Tallow Owl

Topics you’ll find inside the Skin Care Social Media Calendar:

Holiday and Observances for Handmade Skin Care Businesses

Holidays and Observances

Say goodbye to generic holiday greetings (how many times do you think your audience is going to see ‘Happy New Year’ in their favorite platform feed?)

Stand out with brand-specific observances such as Turn Beauty Inside Out Day, National Self Care Day, and Garden Meditation Day.

Get Personal

You are a handmade business – highlight that amazing person behind the products!

Show your personal side with topics to introduce yourself, provide family glimpses, and showcase personal appearances.

Get Personal Social Media Prompt Preview for Skin Care Businesses
Preview of the Educate Section for Skin Care Social Media Prompts


As the maker and business owner, you are the expert.

Demonstrate your knowledge with social media posts that explain product benefits, ingredients, and providing helpful tutorials.

Product Photography

You’ve worked hard to get great product photos for your website and sales pages.

Recycle them for use on social with an emphasis on labels, packaging, scale, texture, and flat lays.

Preview of Product Photo Category of the Skin Care Social Media Calendar
Inspiration category overview for handmade business owners using the social media calendar


Few topics do better on social than posts that INSPIRE your audience.

Appeal to your customers by highlighting trends, ‘before and afters’, and uplifting share-worthy quotes.


People LOVE small businesses (and seeing the proof of WHO they’re supporting and HOW they do it!).

Give your audience a glimpse of your world with process videos, studio shots, and sneak peeks.

Preview of the Behind the Scenes section of the skin care social media calendar
Overview of the Promote Yourself section of the skin care social media calendar

Promote Yourself

Shout what you do from the social media rooftops!

Boost your customer base with giveaways and contents, sharing testimonials, and featuring your skin care products.

Evergreen Prompts and Ideas

This is a completely UNDATED calendar so that you can start promoting your handmade business online starting ANY day of the year!

Hundreds of prompt topics specific to skin care makers that can be recycled and used again for literally limitless post possibilities.

All social media calendar content is evergreen, which means you can use it again and again
One time payment for social media calendar

One-Time Purchase

This whole ‘evergreen’ concept is AMAZING, because not only can you START when you want, but you only have to buy ONE social media calendar for the LIFETIME. OF. YOUR. BUSINESS.

Use this SAME PURCHASE again year, after year, after year.

Use on Multiple Platforms

Prompts perfect for all of your online marketing channels, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Types of social media to use the calendar with

The Most-Loved Social Media Calendar for Skin Care Makers

Here’s what your fellow handmade entrepreneurs are saying…

“Helps to give you ideas when you struggle…”

“I love the social media calendar as it helps to give you ideas when you struggle with what to write. It has helped me a lot and to build my following. The layout was very easy to follow!”
Tina Spain
Moon and Herbs

“Knowledge guide to have!”

“Love this! Definitely helps to have a guide for social media in the skin care and beauty area. Love all the days. I didn’t even know there were that many holidays celebrated for skincare and beauty! Pretty cool – lots of great ideas and prompts! A very knowledgable guide to have!”
Kim Beasley

“Literally takes the guesswork out of what to use…”

“I’ve purchased and successfully used all of the skincare resources! It’s so overwhelming when learning to make and sell natural skincare, but these resources are exactly what you need to get started and to keep going!  As my business grows, I often refer back to Branding Business Guide to make sure I’m on the right track.  The hashtag lists are a godsend! Literally takes the guesswork out of what to use on socials.  The recipe book is so easy to follow and makes amazing products that my customers love! And the social media calendar is perfectly easy to follow and use.”
Lolli and Pop Shoppe

Why use a calendar SPECIFIC to handmade skin care?

“Many of the social media calendars I had purchased at the beginning of my skin care business journey were organized well, but the prompt suggestions had NOTHING to do with me and my industry.

The provided topics were pretty generic (a one-size-fits-all approach), so I still found myself having to come up with prompts that highlighted the unique nature of my handmade shop.

Instead of continuing to waste my time and money, I created a super-specific system JUST for handmade skincare entrepreneurs so that you and I don’t have to reinvent the wheel or waste any more time rewriting prompts.

Our businesses were created to be OPPOSITE of anything ‘one-size-fits-all’…this social media calendar celebrates how distinctive each of our shops are.”

Christine Glaser, C.A. and Family

By: Christine Glaser, C.A.

I’m Christine Glaser, and I have been making natural skin care products to sell online and teaching others to do the same since 2012.

I’m a certified aromatherapist, essential oil specialist, and organic skin care maker with over a decade of experience in e-commerce business and coaching.

I understand from personal experience the time and headache of ‘everything social media’ – I’m so excited to provide you with this calendar to help you create unique content quickly and easily!

“Given me great ideas…”

“I love Christine’s products, they have given me great ideas, although I am not doing a full-time business at this time her guidelines have helped me redefine specific areas of my business for future endeavors.”
Beegirl Organix

Choose Your Own (Social Media Planning) Adventure!

Are you more of a ‘pen and paper’ person? Or ‘type it into a spreadsheet’ person?

Either way, you get both versions with your purchase – with an added bonus no matter which way you prefer!

PDF version of the skin care social media calendar

PDF Version

Simply print and plan by hand:

  • 80 Page PDF (8.5″ x 11″)
  • 23 pages of prompt ideas
  • 48 pages of organized planning space for engaging captions, scroll-stopping visual ideas, and quick reference

Online Version

Editable via Google Sheets (access from anywhere):

  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Mobile device (with free Google Sheets app)
9 Tips for a Successful Social Media Post

Bonus Tips Included

The prompts in this social media calendar will give you a variety on your feed and save you brainstorming time, no doubt.

The 9 tips included in this bonus section are other things that need to be considered before clicking that ‘share’ button.

Here’s everything you’re about to receive…

  • Hundreds of Evergreen Prompts
  • 68 Skin Care and Beauty Holidays
  • 30 Share-Worthy Quotes
  • Specific topics to Handmade Skincare Business to highlight YOU and your PRODUCTS
  • Content can be used on multiple social media platforms
  • 80 Page PDF Version
  • Editable Online Version (via Google Sheets)
  • Bonus: 9 Social Media Tips
  • Invitation to Private Facebook Community for Skin Care Makers
  • A ONE-time purchase (use this again year after year!)

Social Media for Your Skin Care Business…for LIFE

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Skin Care Social Media Calendar for Entrepreneurs