DIY Skin Care Social Media Content Calendar

Evergreen prompts and ideas to help promote your handmade business online starting ANY day of the year!

Skin Care Social Media Calendar for Entrepreneurs

What if you only had to buy ONE social media calendar to help promote your skin care line…for the LIFETIME of your business?

Most social media content calendars are annual versions, costing you hundreds of dollars over the years.

Introducing the EVERGREEN social media calendar (written specifically for handmade skin care businesses) – undated, prompt-heavy, with lifetime access…

Which means you can use it YEAR after YEAR after YEAR.

No more starting from scratch every January with new downloads, updates, or links.

Industry-Specific Categories

Holidays & Observances

Skin Care Holidays, such as Turn Beauty Inside Out Day, National Self Care Day, & Compliment Your Mirror Day.


Demonstrate your expertise by explaining product benefits, ingredients, and providing helpful tutorials.


Appeal to your customers with highlighting trends, ‘before and afters’, and share-worthy quotes.

Promote Yourself

Boost your customer base with giveaways and contests, sharing testimonials, and featuring products.

Get Personal

Show your personal side with topics to introduce yourself, provide family glimpses, and showcase public appearances.

Product Photos

Get creative with your products with an emphasis on labels, packaging, scale, texture, and flat lays.


Give your customers a glimpse of your world with process videos, studio shots, and sneak peeks.

Skin Care Social Media Content Calendar on Tablet

Prompts perfect for all of your online marketing channels, such as…






Give your audience BRAND-SPECIFIC VALUE:

  • Explain the benefits of a product itself. Will it soften rough skin? Remove dead skin cells? Battle wind burn during colder months?
  • Get an action shot (or even a video) of applying a product to skin – this helps to show the consistency and texture. Does it sit on top of the skin? Soak in? Spread thin or thick?
  • Trying to pick a new scent for a product idea? Give your audience a choice of the top three contenders.

(No more ‘GENERIC’ social media prompts!!!)

Skin Care Social Media Calendar on all devices

One Download, Two Versions:

Printable PDF:

78 Page PDF (8 1/2″ x 11″) – simply print and plan by hand.

Online Access:

Editable Google Sheets version for you to plan via desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

(You get instant access to both, no need to choose!)

Printable PDF

23 pages of prompt ideas, 48 pages of organized planning space for engaging captions, scroll-stopping visual ideas, and quick reference:

Skin Care Social Media Content Calendar Categories
Blank Month Templates in the Skin Care Social Media Content Calendar

Google Sheets Access

Edit and customize the online version on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device:

Love this! Definitely helps to have a guide for social media in the skin care and beauty area. Love all the days. I didn’t even know there were that many holidays celebrated for skincare and beauty! Pretty cool! Lots of great ideas and prompts!

Kim Beasley

Skin Care Social Media Content Calendar


  • 78 page PDF download, 8 1/2″ x 11″ (printable version)
  • Access to editable Google Sheets file (online version)
  • 7 categories of highly engaging social media content specific to skin care makers
  • Evergreen topics and prompts that can be used year after year
  • Bonus tips for creating a successful post