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  • Website Copy Tips for Handmade Skin Care BusinessesOverview of the Website Prompts Ebook and Workbook for Skin Care Businesses

    Website Copy Tips for Ecommerce Ebook and Workbook


    The four website pages EVERY e-commerce entrepreneur needs to master to communicate what your brand is ABOUT and what your customers can EXPECT are the: Home Page About Page Product Listing (Sales) Pages FAQ Page This website copy template pack walks you through the exact points that you need to cover in each section, including……

  • Etsy SEO and SSO Guide for Handmade Sellers Ebook and WorkbookLearn how search engines work in the Etsy SEO and SSO Guide for Handmade Sellers

    Etsy SEO and SSO Guide for Handmade Sellers (Ebook and Workbook)


    Etsy SEO and SSO Guide for Handmade Sellers (aka “The Etsy Money-Making Guide”) You’ve heard of SEO. Maybe you even understand the basic concept of SEO. But taking the time to fully dive into that fancy-sounding word (plus learning any Etsy-specific tips) keeps creeping its way down your to-do list. Here’s the deal. Focusing on…

  • Product Photography Tips and ChecklistEbook portion of the Product Photography Guide

    Product Photography Ebook and Workbook


    Basic photography skills are imperative to your e-commerce success – having quality photos for your skin care business is a key factor in the amount of traffic you have and the number of sales you make. If your photos don’t speak ‘professional’, the sales aren’t going to come. This ebook will walk you through how…

  • Ecommerce business growth trackerUpclose look at the business growth tracking chart for handmade businesses

    Business Growth Tracker PDF (for E-commerce Businesses)


    A printable business growth tracker specifically for e-commerce handmade businesses that use online marketing to drive traffic to their shops. An easy one-page tool to track your audience and sales numbers on a month-to-month basis for a birds-eye view of where you’re GROWING so you know how to best prioritize your time! Note: This Growth…