The best Instagram hashtags for handmade skin care businesses!

Best Hashtags for Handmade Skincare Businesses

652 Skin Care Business Instagram Hashtag Pack

We’ve done the research for you and compiled hundreds of the best Instagram hashtags for anyone in the handmade skincare industry, including popular topics like:

  • Essential Oils (150 hashtags)
  • Natural Ingredients (54 hashtags)
  • Natural Living (66 hashtags)
  • Shop Handmade (54 hashtags)
  • Skincare Trends (107 hashtags)
  • Handmade Soap (52 hashtags)
  • Handmade Candles (53 hashtags)
  • Skincare Products (116 hashtags)

Reach a wider audience and boost your business growth on Instagram!

“Helped me redefine specific areas of my business…”

“I love Christine’s products, they have given me great ideas, although I am not doing a full-time business at this time her guidelines have helped me redefine specific areas of my business for future endeavors.”
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Skin Care Hashtags for Instagram Business Accounts

8 Categories of Skin Care Business Hashtags to Cover Any Industry-Specific Post on Instagram

Researched natural skin care ingredient hashtags shown on laptop

54 Natural Ingredient Hashtags

  • Natural carrier oils, unrefined butters, clean waxes, seed exfoliants, +++

116 Skin Care Product Hashtags

  • Face serums, lip balms, bath salts, lotion bars, scrubs, salves, +++
Researched skin care product hashtags shown on laptop
Researched Skin Care Issues and Trend Hashtags shown on laptop

107 Skin Care Trends & Issues Hashtags

  • Dry skin, eczema, acne, ethical beauty, glowing skin, sustainable skin care, +++

53 Handmade Candle Hashtags

  • Soy wax candles, beeswax candles, wax melts, wick types, +++
Researched handmade candle Instagram hashtags shown on laptop
Researched essential oil hashtags on laptop

150 Essential Oil Instagram Hashtags

  • essential oils, diffuser jewelry, aromatherapy, MLM-community-specific hashtags, and trending EO phrases, +++

54 Shop Handmade Hashtags

  • Shop local, shop handmade, shop small, perfect for Etsy, Shopify, +++
Researched shop handmade Instagram hashtags shown on laptop
Researched handmade soap Instagram hashtags shown on laptop

54 Handmade Soap Hashtags

  • Cold process soap, hot process soap, melt and pour soap, artisan soap, +++

66 Natural Living Hashtags

  • Green living, sustainability, zero waste, plastic-free, chemical-free living, +++
Researched Natural Living Hashtags for Instagram shown on laptop
Bonus tips on how to use hashtags shown on laptop


  • Your PDF download includes 5 bonus tips on how to use the skin care hashtags STRATEGICALLY to get maximum reach on every post!

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Christine Glaser, C.A. Owner of DIY Skin Care Business

By Christine Glaser, C.A.

I’m Christine Glaser, and I have been making natural skin care products to sell online and teaching others to do the same since 2012.

I’m a certified aromatherapist, essential oil specialist, and organic skin care maker with over a decade of experience in e-commerce business and coaching.

I understand from personal experience the time and headache of ‘everything social media’ – I’m so excited to provide you with this time-saving list of researched hashtags (and tips on how to use them effectively) to get you and your handmade products SEEN on Instagram!

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“I’ve purchased and successfully used all of the skincare resources! It’s so overwhelming when learning to make and sell natural skincare, but these resources are exactly what you need to get started and to keep going!  As my business grows, I often refer back to Branding Business Guide to make sure I’m on the right track.  The hashtag lists are a godsend! Literally takes the guesswork out of what to use on socials.  The recipe book is so easy to follow and makes amazing products that my customers love! And the social media calendar is perfect easy to follow and use.”
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What’s all this ‘researched’ hashtag talk?

Understanding ‘Popular’ Hashtags

Using highly popular hashtags such as #soap (over 9M+ posts) or #lipbalm (nearly 3M+ posts) do NOTHING for your account – and are a waste of an opportunity to get eyes on your products and business.

When you apply an overused hashtag like those to a post, you’re getting buried beneath thousands upon thousands of other users posting with the same hashtag at the exact same time.

Showing #lipbalm in Instagram search

Understanding ‘Visible’ Hashtags

Applying a more moderately used hashtag, such as #lipbalms (only used on 200 thousand posts vs. 3 million) will boost the number of eyes on your content because it is being used less frequently.

Less competition for that hashtag keeps your account closer to the top of the search results, resulting in NEW eyes and potential customers.

(But you also don’t want TOO low of a post count, because that means no one is searching for that hashtag at all. Another wasted opportunity.)

Showing #lipbalms in Instagram search results

Research for the ‘Sweet Spot’

“So you’re saying I have to look at the number of times a hashtag is used before adding it my post??? Every time???”

Well, if you want your Instagram posts to get found by new people, then yes. But sleep easy.

Every single hashtag in this digital pack has been researched so that you don’t have to guess which ones are too popular or too unused.

They are ALL in the ‘sweet spot’ of between 5 thousand and 500 thousand posts, which is the ideal range for small businesses to be visible on Instagram.

Just choose the ones that are relevant to your account and get back to making amazing skin care products!

Showing the post count on the researched skin care hashtags

“Organized and up-to-date.”

“These are just what I need, organized and up-to-date. Full of information perfect for guiding me in the right direction for my small business.”
Brandi Langevin

Here’s everything you’re about to receive:

  • 8 categories of handmade skin care business hashtags to cover any Instagram post
  • 652 researched Instagram hashtags to give you the highest visibility for indie business
  • Bonus page on 5 essential tips on how to use your hashtags strategically to get maximum reach on every post
  • 20-page ebook (PDF Download, 8.5″ x 11″)
  • Invitation to Private Facebook Community (just for skin care makers)

Let’s increase your online visibility and grow your skin care business on Instagram!

Skin Care Hashtags for Instagram Business Accounts