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Whether you call them essential oil rollers, aromatherapy rollers, roller balls, perfume rollers, or some other descriptor, this roller bottle packaging guide has the handmade entrepreneur covered!

In this post, we’ll discuss what rollers are used for, the variety of options you have for bottles and tops, labeling options, and creating a memorable unboxing experience for your customers.

Regardless of whether you’re just now starting out on your business journey or have a booming seasoned business and you are looking to expand your product line, this guide will be a keeper!

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What are Roller Bottles Used For?

To put it simply, roller bottles are used to apply an oil-based product to the skin.

Essential Oil Rollers

Also known as aromatherapy rollers, this type of product is used to deliver essential oils to the body in natural carrier oils.

Most of the time, this is to support the body’s wellness when dealing with things like stress, headaches, tension, sleep troubles, fatigue, etc.

Fragrance Oil Application

Also known as perfume oils, roller bottles are a type of scent applicator to apply fragrance that is diluted in oil rather than the alcohol-base that traditional spray perfumes are in (ethyl alcohol, ethanol).

Lip Gloss Application

For thinner lip conditioning or lip gloss recipes, roller bottles are used just like a lip balm tube and used directly on the lips to apply oils and/or pigment.

Free Packaging and Label Worksheets for Your Skin Care Business

Download your free Packaging & Label Worksheets Here!

Types of Roller Bottles Available

The type of roller bottle you choose for your business one hundred percent depends on the product you have inside and your skin care target market.

If you have not yet done the homework to uncover your ideal customer, do your target market research first.

After that, invest the time into discovering:

This will influence the look of the bottle you choose below and all other business-building details.

Roller Balls in 10mL size for handmade skincare shop

10 mL Glass Roller Bottles

The standard size of roller bottle is 10 mL (about 1/3 of an ounce) and is generally a smooth glass bottle.

Amber is the safest bet for products that include essential oils (to protect the oils from oxidizing).

However, you’ll see many other choices, ranging from clear glass rollers to dramatic matte black rollers.

Small Glass Roller Bottles

Though less common, you can find roller bottles in smaller sizes, such as this 5 mL version, or even this miniature 2 mL version.

Most customers are used to the larger 10mL size, so make sure this size difference is clearly photographed and noted in your product description.

Bamboo Roller Bottles

If you have a luxury line and your customer base doesn’t mind paying more for sustainable details, consider a roller that has a bamboo exterior shell.

Similar in feel, if you don’t want the entire bottle wrapped in bamboo, you can opt for a glass roller that features a bamboo cap for an eco-friendly detail.

Narrow Roller Bottles

Last but not least, you also have the option of getting bottles that are shaped differently, such as this long, narrow roller bottle version.

These are unique and have a specific vibe that says ‘luxury’ and ‘feminine’.

Note that the label template links provided further down in this post will not work on this size bottle.

Aromatherapy Roller and Organic Lip Balm Gift Set

Types of Roller Balls Available

When you are purchasing your roller bottles, pay attention to the rollerball that comes with it. Customers tend to be partial to certain materials – keep in mind that roller balls can also be purchased separately to create a mix-and-match branding experience.

Plastic Roller Balls

Plastic rollers are the lowest in price, so they may seem appealing.

However, plastics degrade when used with essential oils, so these would only be suitable for carrier oils or fragrance oils (check with your ingredient supplier on this).

Plastic balls have been noted to not roll onto the skin as easily as other options.

Gemstone Roller Balls

Should it suit your target market, roller balls now come in a gemstone version, though they tend to be pricey.

You can get bottles that are filled with gemstones plus a matching ball, or you can opt to purchase your bottle elsewhere and simply purchase the gemstone roller balls separately.

Stainless Steel Roller Balls

Stainless steel roller balls have the best consistency, application, and are more readily available than other materials.

These metal rollers can also be purchased separately if you are swapping out a different roller type or purchasing the bottles in bulk elsewhere.

Close up view of a metal roller on a 10mL roller bottle

Labeling Your Roller Bottles to Sell

Label Requirements (for Selling Online)

If you choose to sell your roller bottle products online versus in person through a physical store, be aware of different labeling regulations based on your location.

When selling in a physical location may need to include a manufacturing address and contact information on the label.

However, if you sell your rollers online, you can include a website URL in place of this information, as long as your website provides contact information and an address.

It is crucial to note that labeling requirements differ depending on government regulations and location. As a seller, it is your responsibility to acquire this information and follow the regulations accordingly.

Makers in the United States can refer to the FDA Cosmetics Labeling Guide.

It is important to clarify here that in order to keep your roller bottles in compliance with the FDA, you will need to name it, describe it, and label it using language that keeps it under the ‘cosmetic’ category.

Marie Gale also has an easy-to-follow book called Soap and Cosmetic Labeling (How to Follow the Rules and Regs Explained in Plain English).

Roller Bottle Label Design

Once you know the rules and regulations for your specific location, you can take the exciting step in your roller bottle packaging of designing your labels!

I already mentioned it once above, but if you haven’t already established the visual branding details for your skin care business, you need to have the following nailed down before you start designing your labels:

Once you have your branding basics, the easiest online graphic design tool to use is Canva (currently free to use for the basic elements).

You can also get a month of Canva Pro free here to access the entire library of images, the resize feature, and background remover.

Canva Banner

Roller Bottle Label Templates

If label design is not your favorite part of entrepreneurship, you have options!

There are tons of pre-made roller bottle label templates available to you, individually and in bundles.

Templates are useful for new business owners with a ton on their plate, as well as seasoned makers who simply want to skip past the ‘blank canvas’ aspect of design.

Here is an example of a grid roller bottle label template that is editable in Canva and comes with three beginning color choices (that can be changed as shown here):

Individual Roller Bottle Label Templates

If you are only designing labels for your roller bottle blends right now, check out these individual templates:

Kraft Roller Ball Label Template for handmade skincare businesses

Bundled Skin Care Label Templates

Planning to add more items to your line?

The following bundle includes eight other product types (does not include rollers) to help you keep the same branded look if purchasing the roller templates linked above:

See our Skin Care Label Template Bundles here.

Ultimate Bundle of Skincare Label Templates for Handmade Businesses

Roller Bottle Label Material

Choosing a plastic-coated label for roller bottle products is the best choice for a variety of reasons, but perhaps the most significant is that it helps to keep oily stains off of the label.

Roller blends typically have a carrier oil base, which can transfer to the label after application or the occasional leak in transit.

The protective plastic coating can additionally safeguard crucial information, including the roller blend’s name and ingredient list, guaranteeing that customers are well-informed about your product.

Free Packaging and Label Worksheets for Your Skin Care Business

Download your free Packaging & Label Worksheets Here!

Roller Bottle Packaging Safety Seals

Using a tamper-evident closure to seal your products is essential whether you’re selling them online or in person.

This important detail not only gives your customers a sense of security and trust but also enhances your business’s professional image.

Shrink Wrap

Safety sealing with shrink wrap is the most common option for roller bottle packaging.

Shrink wrap is a thin plastic that fits loosely over your roller bottle and shrinks down to the size of the product with the help of a craft heat gun.

Washi Tape

You can still add fun, creative details to your roller bottle packaging even with the ‘less exciting’ professionalism of shrink wrap.

Connect your bottle to the cap with flair such as washi tape to provide a handmade (yet still classy) look.

Consider using these across all of your product packaging for brand consistency.

In my own product packaging, I put washi tape on my roller bottle first and apply the product label over the top:

Example of using washi tape as a closure option on roller bottle packaging.

Roller Bottle Unboxing Ideas

The way your customers feel when they first open your package can be a game-changer for online sales. It could be the reason they leave glowing reviews, tell their friends about your awesome products, or share your business on social media.

Don’t miss out on the chance to make a lasting impression and boost your brand’s memorability and shareability with your roller bottle packaging. Give your customers an unboxing experience that stays imprinted on their memory!

Sheer Organza Bags

Sheer organza favor bags are a very affordable way to make your customers feel like they’re receiving a gift, even if they purchased it for themselves.

Make sure to check the dimensions of your bottles, as they come in a large variety of sizes (and colors!).

Bonus tip: Get a size that will fix several of your product types and purchase organza bags in bulk.

Cotton Muslin Bags

Cotton muslin bags always go over well with the sustainable crowd, but they’re also great for stamping your logo!

Watch your sizing on these also – available in teeny tiny to large and in charge!

Bonus tip: Yet again, if you know this will be a win, consider purchasing cotton bags in bulk for several of your product offerings for brand consistency.

Jewelry Boxes

Square jewelry boxes (3.5″ x 3.5″) are the perfect fit for roller bottles, and a great option for singles and gift sets (fits up to (5) 10mL rollers in one box).

Kraft jewelry boxes specifically are great to stamp your logo onto or apply a branded sticker (see below).

Purchase jewelry boxes in bulk for holiday wrapping or luxury everyday packaging.

Logo Stamps

Getting a branding stamp with your logo for your biz is super helpful.

Use it on your cotton muslin bags, kraft jewelry boxes, the outside of your shipping boxes, and even thank you notes and other promos.

I have purchased several from West and Sage on Etsy and LOVE them (and the shop owner, Kelly – she’s the best).

Logo Stickers

Customize your boxes with branded logo stickers if the stamp doesn’t align with your branding.

You can purchase them in bulk and affix them to the exterior of your packaging. Additionally, consider including additional stickers for your customers to attach to your business thank you notes and business cards.

Don’t limit yourself to just your logo – get creative and incorporate a fun graphic, quote, or inspiring message with your URL on the side.

Shipping Box Filler

Since roller bottles are made out of glass, you need a way to protect them while they’re in transit to your customer.

Crinkle cut filler is my personal favorite, as it comes in many different colors to match any branding.

I always buy my packaging filler in bulk, because it never goes bad and is one item we’ll always need as e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Get Feedback on Your Roller Bottle Packaging

Want ideas on improving your roller bottle packaging?

Need feedback on a roller bottle label design or unboxing choice before purchasing?

Look for help generating ideas for a unique roller bottle target audience?

Ask for input and share feedback in our private Facebook group, DIY Skin Biz Community – connect with other makers in our industry!

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