Skin Care and Beauty Holidays Perfect for Social Media

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A list of SEVENTY attention-grabbing skin care and beauty holidays to mention on social media for your handmade business!

While posting a generic holiday message in your feed is better than *nothing*, it’s not going to make your business stand out.

By sharing celebrations and days of awareness actually related to your industry, you’ll keep your handmade biz TOP of mind.

Engagement tips included below that are sure to foster a feeling of community (and fill up that like-know-trust tank) on your social channels!

Skin Care and Beauty Holidays Perfect for Social Media

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  • National Bath Safety Month: Traditionally about ensuring a safe environment for children and seniors, this is a fun month to highlight any of your bath products such as bath bombs, bath salts, or bath teas.
  • New Year’s Day: Share products that will help your audience with any of their resolutions (more self care, new skin care routine, etc.) OR share your own business goals for the year.
    • (Engagement tip: ask your audience to share their skin care goals)
  • Festival of Sleep Day: Highlight any calming, relaxing products used before bedtime.
  • Winter Skin Relief Day: Fill your feeds with everything ‘dry skin’ – facial serums, moisturizing salves, and lotion bars.
  • Get to Know Your Customers’ Day: Once a quarter, reach out to your audience to learn more about them! Ask some business-related questions to form more fruitful social media relationships!
January Skin Care and Beauty Holidays Highlight: National Bath Safety Month


  • National Hemp Day: Highlight any products in your line that contain CBD, such as inhalers, creams, and salves.
  • Read in the Bathtub Day: Showcase all of your favorite bath time products.
    • (Engagement tip – ask your audience what they’re reading right now!)
  • Valentine’s Day: Share any rose-inspired products you create, especially if you use dried rose petals, rosehip carrier oil, or rose absolute essential oil.
  • Random Acts of Kindness Day: Spread some love of your own by randomly choosing of your followers to receive a free product from your shop!
February Skin Care and Beauty Holidays Highlight: Valentine's Day packages


  • Women’s History Month: The skin care industry is predominantly run by women, and celebrating this is worth more than one monthly mention. Share photos and information about the females in your life who have inspired you on your entrepreneurial journey.
  • National Day of Unplugging: Talk about this popular movement BEFORE the date; encourage your audience to pause all technology use for 24 hours to recharge their internal batteries
    • (Engagement tip: Check out these photos and create a similar printable for your audience – have them take a photo of the skin care or self care they indulge in on Unplugging Day and tag you after the 24 hour tech break!)
  • International Women’s Day: Even if you’ve been celebrating the achievement of women all month, this is the day to raise awareness and take action.
    • (Engagement tip: Get your entire following involved by choosing free resources that support IWD, such as videos, selfie cards, activities, social media assets, and more.)
  • Lips Appreciation Day: Never a better day to promote all of your lip balmslip tints, and lip scrubs!
  • Fragrance Day: For all the natural-product-makers out there, it’s time to flood the world with NONTOXIC fragrances…showcase your aromatherapy rollers, solid perfumes, and essential oil air fresheners!



  • Stress Awareness Month: Stress on the inside can be seen on the outside. Educate your following about the ramifications of not dealing with stress correctly.
  • National DIY Day: Share a quick skin care recipe that your followers can make at home with common ingredients.
  • Get to Know Your Customers’ Day: Once a quarter, reach out to your audience to learn more about them! Ask some business-related questions to form more fruitful social media relationships!
  • National Stress Awareness Day: Showcase how your products can help individuals manage stress – share customer testimonials on items you’re promoting.
  • Earth Day: Are your products or packaging earth-friendly? Talk about your plastic-free mission or reusable containers.
  • National Sense of Smell Day: Many skin care and beauty products have a scent, and today is the day to celebrate scenting yours with all-natural essential oils!
    • (Engagement tip: Ask your audience to respond with their favorite aroma and why.)
April Skin Care and Beauty Holiday Highlight: National DIY Day


  • Herb Day: Make a carousel post of all your herbal products! Think herbal infusions, herbal essential oils, dried herb soap tops, etc.
  • Garden Meditation Day: Encourage taking the time to slow down and relax. A wonderful day to highlight any aromatherapy products in your line.
  • Mother’s Day: Reflect on your own experience with motherhood and how it has impacted your life as a maker.
    • (Business tip: Mother’s Day is one of the top e-commerce sales days of the year – plan for this in advance by promoting gift sets in a variety of price points.)
  • Stay Up All Night Night: While lack of sleep (especially on purpose!) isn’t encouraged, this is a great day to talk about the importance of sleep for skin cell regeneration AND the skin care and beauty products that can assist when dealing with dreaded under eye circles.
  • Turn Beauty Inside Out Day: A day to focus on good works, good hearts, and activism. What’s inside matters the most.
    • (Engagement tip: Start a conversation about how we can work together to celebrate inner beauty throughout our communities.)
  • World Bee Day: Give a shout-out to the bees by highlighting your handmade products that contain beeswax…carrier oils…seeds…nuts…we can thank the bees for almost every ingredient in natural recipes!
  • Sunscreen Day: Highlight any of your products that have a natural SPF (beeswax, shea butter, carrot seed oil, etc.). Discuss the importance of using a mineral sunscreen vs. a chemical one.
May Skin Care and Beauty Holidays Highlight: Garden Meditation Day


  • World Environment Day: How do you as a business owner do your part for the environment? Sustainable packaging? Bulk purchasing? Low impact ingredients? Publicize your efforts!
  • International Bath Day: Run a promotion on your bath products and give a little shout-out to Archemidies while you’re at it.
  • Smile Power Day: Get everyone smile-ready with your lip balm or lip tints.
    • (Engagement tip: Run a smile campaign with a hashtag for your followers to use a they share their smiles all over social media while wearing your lip products.)
  • Splurge Day: A day for your audience to treat themselves to something they normally wouldn’t! Prepare a site-wide sale to help them feel a little less splurge-y.
  • National Kissing Day: Help your followers pucker up with lip balm suggestions, a DIY lip scrub recipe, or even an aphrodisiac roller ball to get the attention of that special someone.
  • Father’s Day: A day to celebrate a father’s influence on society – reflect how fatherhood has impacted your life as a maker. Highlight any products for men, such as beard oil or shaving soaps.
  • National Selfie Day: Host a selfie contest on your most popular social channel!
    • (Engagement tip: Have your followers enter with a business-branded hashtag…bonus points if they add what product of yours they’re using/wearing in their selfie!)
  • National Hydration Day: Drinking enough water is the #1 skin care and beauty tip across the globe. Remind your followers to drink up (and up and up!).
  • Social Media Day: A day to recognize the great impact social media has had on the world and how we communicate – be sure to thank your followers for being a part of your social world!
Skin Care Social Media Calendar for Entrepreneurs

The Skin Care Social Media Calendar

  • 68 Skin Care & Beauty Holidays
  • 30 Industry Quotes
  • 208 Reusable Prompts
  • Skin Care Specific Categories
  • PDF Version
  • Google Sheets Version



  • Compliment Your Mirror DayYou are beautiful. You are smart. You are strong. Your inner voice is more powerful than any skin care or beauty product. Share a list of soulful affirmations for your audience to copy or print out.
  • International Essential Oils Day: Share the benefits of using essential oils in your handmade products and the company you use (and why).
    • (Engagement tip: Ask your followers to share their favorite essential oil.)
  • Get to Know Your Customers’ Day: Once a quarter, reach out to your audience to learn more about them! Ask some business-related questions to form more fruitful social media relationships!
  • National Self Care Day: More than just a facial. Self care is a foundation of health and wellness. Share products that promote self care today and every day.
  • Lipstick Day: Host a giveaway of one or all of your lip tints or lip colors.
July Skin Care and Beauty Holidays Highlight: International Essential Oils Day


  • National CBD Day: Educate your audience on the benefits of CBD – even if you don’t include CBD products in your line. Knowledge is power!
  • National Relaxation Day: Run a sale on all of your relaxing blends and products! 
  • Men’s Grooming Day: Beard oil, beard wax, shaving soaps, and beard conditioners – this is their day in the spotlight!
  • World Honey Bee Day: Share the benefits of using beeswax in your products and put your top 3 beeswax recipes on a carousel post.
  • Kiss and Make Up Day: A great day to highlight your lip scrubs, lip balms, or lip tints!
August Skin Care and Beauty Holidays Highlight: World Honey Bee Day


  • National Skin Care Awareness Month: A great month to focus on new releases! Share a skin care tip each day, featuring a product in your handmade shop.
  • World Beard Day: Help your audience celebrate the beards in their lives by offering a discount on all beard oils, conditioners, and waxes!
  • World Gratitude Day: Nothing can make the skin glow brighter or a smile shine whiter than true gratitude. Share what you are grateful for as a business owner.
    • (Engagement tip: Have your audience comment about what they are most grateful for today, big and small.)
  • National Mud Pack Day: Put all of your facial masks and treatments on display!
    • (Engagement tip: Make sure all of your followers know to tag you in their face mask selfies today! Give a surprise gift to the most creative photo!)



  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month: With the link between synthetic chemicals in personal care items and breast cancer, there is no better time to discuss the importance of 100% natural skin care and beauty products.
  • International Coffee Day: Put your own spin on Coffee Day by highlighting your ground coffee skin care products – an amazing exfoliant and odor eliminator!
  • World Smile Day: Another smiley day to fill your feed (can’t ever have enough of that!). Showcase any products that include happy, uplifting citrus essential oils and blends!
    • (Engagement tip: Ask your audience the ONE thing that can ALWAYS make them smile!)
  • Inner Beauty Day: Skin care is great and beauty products are fun, but nothing can compare to letting your individuality shine.
    • (Engagement tip: Encourage your audience to take a makeup-free selfie and post it along with describing their own inner beauty…make sure they tag you if you’ll be adding a giveaway!)
  • Get to Know Your Customers’ Day: Once a quarter, reach out to your audience to learn more about them! Ask some business-related questions to form more fruitful social media relationships!
  • National Checklist Day: Provide a must-have checklist for a daily and nightly skin care routine or products to always have on hand.
October Skin Care and Beauty Holidays Highlight: World Smile Day


  • National Gratitude Month: Individuals that practice gratitude exercise more, sleep longer and better, experience more joy, and and and…ALL of which play a direct hand in the appearance of your skin health and glow.
    • (Engagement tip: Host a month-long campaign with a branded hashtag. Have your audience submit one gratitude post each day – have a prize for a chosen individual who completed each day.)
  • World Vegan Day: Highlight your vegan products and shops with links to validate your ingredient sources.
  • International Stress Awareness Day: Educate your audience on how stress is directly related to the appearance of skin.
    • (Engagement tip: Ask your followers to share their favorite stress-busting activity.)
  • World Kindness Day: Share some love and kindness by going to other makers’ social media accounts and complimenting their work – community over competition!
  • Black Friday • Small Business Saturday • Cyber Monday: With e-commerce sales on the rise more than ever before, make sure you have a promotional campaign ready for the busiest shopping weekend of the year!
November Skin Care and Beauty Holidays Highlight: National Gratitude Month


  • 12 Days of Christmas: Pre-plan a twelve day promotion at the beginning of the month to highlight all of your gift-worthy sets and products. Don’t forget to include a variety of price points and perhaps a free gift-wrapping giveaway!
  • Bathtub Party Day: Highlight all bath products to help your following celebrate in whatever way that they choose!
  • National Thank You Note Day: As the world gets out their pens to thank loved ones for their holiday company and gifts, don’t forget to thank your audience for their support throughout the season!
  • New Year’s Eve: Remind your audience to make resolutions focused on self-care, skin care, and things that make them glow from the inside out!
December Skin Care and Beauty Holidays Highlight: Bathtub Party Day

ENJOY sharing these skin care and beauty holidays with your social media following!

This industry was MADE for online marketing – plan every post with intention.

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